Watch: Una Gives A Briefing On Rigel VII In Clip From ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Episode 204

Episode 4 (“Among the Lotus Eaters”) of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2  debuts tomorrow, on Thursday, July 6. And there’s a new clip to hold you over while you wait.

What’s up with Rigel VII

This week’s episode has Captain Pike returning to Rigel VII. In this new clip (via Cinemablend), first officer Una Chin-Riley briefs the team of La’an, M’Benga, and Ortegas on what they can expect.

Rigel VII is a pre-warp planet that Pike (originally played by Jeffrey Hunter) visited prior to the original Star Trek pilot “The Cage.” As noted by Una, Pike’s original landing party ran into “complications.” In “The Cage” Pike recalled his guilt over the loss of members of a landing party resulting from an attack from Rigel VII’s Kalar. While being held prisoner in “The Cage,” Pike ended up reliving his time on Rigel VII via an illusion created by the Talosians.

Captain Pike on Rigel VII in “The Cage”

Previously released clip:

The latest The Ready Room includes a clip of La’an and Pike doing some recon on Rigel VII (clip starts at 29:28).

Another clip shows Ortegas excited to join the landing party for Rigel VII:

For more details and photos, see our previous preview for episode 204.

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Must be a return to Rigel 7 episode. I wonder if there will be flashbacks prior to the Cage where Pike and Una lost their old Yeoman.

It is directly mentioned in the title and article.

I wonder if the “previously on” bit at the beginning will include bits from The Cage.

That would be cool, since they did that on DSC.

Possibly, but after the implications revealed in the last episode it would need to say, “previously on, in a timeline not affected by the Temporal Cold War, which only changes things in the upcoming episode that we find inconvenient to telling our story.” Ha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

I’m interested in why they have to return to Rigel Vll. Another General Order 1 issue, maybe? It will be interesting to learn more about these kalars.

They explain in the clip.

The reason why is in the clip. :)

Haven’t watched it. Trying to avoid it. But, thank you. :)

Ok I caved. I watched it. Very interesting.

Yeah another fun concept and two (actually rarely) used Trek tropes in one episode, cultural contamination and memory loss! Despite any issues I might have with this show, this is why I also enjoy it so much because we’re getting trippy sci fi again. I’m not as excited as I was for the last episode, but looking forward to it.

I know having the deceased crewmembers wear the pilot Cage turtlenecks would have been too much to hope for, but shouldn’t they at least be wearing the Enterprise uniforms from DSC season 2 if they died five yeara ago?

Yes. They should.

Uniforms in general on these new shows have been a disaster.

Love the clip; that’s such an interesting reason for going back!

This gives me a good excuse to rewatch The Cage tonight! :)

I am interested in this, but my god, when will we actually go to … strange new worlds? This is the kind of thing that would be cool to explore as a connection to TOS.. if they didn’t find a way to connect to TOS in every GD episode of this show.

It’s like they forgot the premise of their own show. I gave up on them trying to be original or creative.

Asides from a few mentions and a couple of minutes of flashbacks, we really haven’t see this world yet.

Kinda reminds me of the question, can you really say you’ve visited a city if all you did was change planes at the airport?

I was thinking the exact same thing. Agreed. Originality seems to have died on this hill.

Rigel VII is strange and still like new…

Well in fairness, how many times in TOS did we actually have our characters going to a new world. Of course they were all new to us viewers, but how many were in universe previously unvisited planets? Not very many.

I can’t disagree with this too much, it’s more nostalgia bait, but I’m OK with this one. Once we went back to Talos IV in DIS, I always assumed they would find a way to go back to Rigel VII too since that’s the only other Pike connection we got. But since we never actually been there before, it’s another reason to have him go back and really explore it and his past. And it’s nice this episode will be squarely about Pike since the first three weren’t.

But I’m hoping AFTER this, we can finally go someplace new and interesting this season. The first episode doesn’t really count.

Una puts me to sleep. zzzzzzzzz. Such a bland character.


I think you mean “I disagree.”

Rebecca Romijn deserves a hell of a lot better than the material she’s being given for this show. 2×02 and 1×03 aside, she’s been seriously underused and reduced to issuing orders and that’s it.

I fucking loooooooooooooooove what theyve done with the set on the planet
it has a whimsical TOS feel to it without feeling corny!
fucking koodoos to SNW!

Finally – They mention Spock’s injury! Spock is limping in some of the scenes in THE CAGE! At least they got that right!

I fear that this series is slowly turning into Star Trek: Same Old Worlds.

Given that we have only previously seen 23rd century Rigel VII as a telepathic recreation in an unaired pilot (The Cage), but that it’s the first Strange New World in ever mentioned other than Talos IV, actually going to see it is hardly a ‘same old’ nostalgic visit.

Yes, I would like more planet visits too, but we’ve seen more in 14 episodes of SNW than we have in most seasons of Discovery or all of Picard.

It’s interesting that the people who were popping a chubby over the sameness of Picard S3 are bitching about perceiving it here…

Trek fans. Gotta love em.