‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 1, Vol. 2 Available For Pre-Order On Blu-Ray And DVD

Just two weeks after Star Trek: Prodigy was removed from Paramount+, we have at least some good news for fans who want to catch up on season 1. Pre-orders for the second volume of the first season are showing up online, and we have an update on all the latest for Prodigy and its future.

Prodigy Season 1, Volume 2

The first “volume” of Prodigy season 1 with the first 10 episodes was released in January on Blu-ray and DVD (see TrekMovie.com review). Today, Amazon listed the release for volume 2 with episodes 11-20, which arrives on September 26. The listings currently do not have details on the releases beyond saying they will include 2 discs each. You can pre-order the DVD for $17.99 and the Blu-ray for $21.99.

At present, there is no official box art or details on special features. Even though the set is also available for pre-order at Target and has been confirmed by Digital Bits for release on September 26, Paramount has yet to make an official announcement, which would traditionally include those details and a first look at the packaging., so it’s possible some details for this release may not be final. TrekMovie will do an update when more information is available.

From Star Trek: Prodigy episode 11 “Asylum” (Nickelodeon/Paramount+)


Fan support continues to grow, which becomes apparent when you follow the #SaveStarTrekProdigy hashtag. The Change.org petition has also gained momentum with over 27,000 signatures. Paramount has confirmed that work on the second season continues as they try to find a new home for the series. The team behind the show is still promoting the hashtag and has kept a positive attitude as we wait for news.

Buying Prodigy products, including the Blu-ray and DVD, is one of the ways producers have suggested fans show their support for the show. When news first broke about Paramount+ removing Prodigy Amazon quickly sold out of the first volume, but now it’s back in stock for both DVD and Blu-ray.

Volume 1 Blu-ray set 

The Playmates Prodigy figures released earlier this year also sold out at Entertainment Earth, but the popular toy site is still accepting orders and promises to restock soon. However, the Janeway figure appears to have been canceled and there is no news on a Rok-Tahk figure either. All four figures from Playmates’ first wave (where Murf comes with Dal) are still available and in stock at Amazon.

Prodigy still flying with Delta

There is one place you can still watch Prodigy, at least for now. Selected content from Paramount+ is available on Delta Airlines flights, complimentary for SkyMiles members—and this still includes episodes of Prodigy.

Prodigy coming to STLV

It does not look like Star Trek: Prodigy will be part of the official Paramount+ lineup for San Diego Comic-Con, which kicks off next week. However, Dan and Kevin Hageman, along with Protostar computer voice Bonnie Gordon, are all lined up to attend Creation’s 57-Year Mission convention (formerly Star Trek Las Vegas), which kicks off on August 3rd at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Prodigy and Voyager star Kate Mulgrew will also be there.

Keep up with the Star Trek Universe on TV here at TrekMovie.com.

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Definitely getting Volume 2.

Same here, and I’d have said that even without the cancellation / removal. I love the special features and whatnot on Blu-rays and DVDs, and I got the first volume when it was released. I certainly hadn’t anticipated that I’d lose streaming access to a Star Trek show, though; that just made it all the more imperative that I keep getting the movies and shows on disc as long as I’m able.

I read that it had been cancelled due to a failure in amassing any subscribers

Pre-ordered just now from Amazon

Manny Coto passed away…RIP… :(

That’s very sad. Pancreatic cancer is so scary.

He’s left a legacy of memorable shows that entertained millions, that’s quite the professional achievement. He certainly got a good reputation amongst many Trek fans for his work on Enterprise.

I just read saw that, too. His writing brought much-needed energy to both “Enterprise” and “24”. I just listened to his commentary with David Carson on the “Star Trek:Generations” Blu-ray last week and you couldn’t have found a more enthusiastic person to co-host a commentary without making it silly. Sad day indeed.

Oh WOW! That’s sad to hear.

Wow. Had no idea he was ill. RIP, Manny. Enjoyed many of his (Enterprise) episodes.

I was on Delta flight last week and actually saw someone watching Prodigy! My first thought was that I was happy to see someone watching. My second thought was to hope they didn’t like it so much that they wanted to watch more episodes… but now they can get it all on Blu Ray!

I will say with the whole debacle mess they did with Prodigy, I will admit there is one ‘positive’ from it and that is a reminder that physical media is still important. I’m one of these people who has pushed away from it for years now. I haven’t bought a single DVD since 2013 lol. And not because I don’t think they aren’t needed but like so many others I just adapted to streaming and the easy access it has.

But this made it clear why it should never disappear completely either. Of course that said, that’s not going to make a difference if we’ll ever see season 2 or not but at least we can have season 1. So I’ve decided I am going to buy ALL Star Trek on disc now in the near future. All the classic shows and movies from TOS-ENT and all the new shows too (yes, even Nemesis, TMP and Picard season 2 lol). Even if it just sits and collects dust for the next 20 years it will just be nice to have as a back up from this point on. Even more so with Paramount+ sounding to be in a more dire situation and its future questionable.

So I plan to buy all of in the next year. Not all at once lol, just little by little. I will probably start with Prodigy first since it’s the only show I can no longer watch anymore. And then get all 13 films next (and always thought I should anyway). And then start on the shows. It’s kind of exciting now that I’ve decided to do this. I’m even going to buy a special shelf to have it all in one special place!

There is much peace of mind in owning the physical copies of at least your favorites. Good idea on your part. You never know when P+ or whatever streamer is going to pull one of your shows. A good example for me is Miami Vice – have loved the show since it premiered, and it exists on no pay service. (Free on some apps, but with commercials and bad editing, no thank you). Bought the discs years ago, and glad I did. I have well over 200 dvd’s and go back to them often.

All true. And while we have so much content today at our finger tips, as you said there are still tons of movies and shows out there that still doesn’t show up on a lot of these services, especially older stuff like Miami Vice.

And then it’s very weird a movie will show up on a streaming site for a few months or something but then it disappears and it’s nowhere to be found again unless you rent or buy it. I just don’t get how a lot of it works. Like why does one movie stay on a site for literally years and others will come and go in a few months? I know part of that is just a demand for more than others but it’s odd how these things can just totally disappear off of everything while others never goes away? And I don’t mean stuff they own directly like Disney and Star Wars (although as this conversation proves,that doesn’t even matter anymore) but third party licensing?

BTW, I ordered the first set of TOS movies in 4K. Decided to just do the movies first. In a few weeks I’ll get the TNG movies next and then finally the Kelvin movies after that. I probably won’t watch a single one of them any time soon, but as said it’s mostly for peace of mind. So the process has officially begun!

Aside from not having to deal with this sort of nonsense (deletions from streaming services), I do love having Blu-rays and DVDs for the special features and whatnot they (frequently, though not always) offer. Lately I’ve been really enjoying a lot of audio commentary tracks on various Trek Blu-rays.

This is certainly true as well. I do like watching the features stuff. But thanks to YouTube a lot of that usually ends up there now if you just want to watch behind the scenes stuff and audio commentary. I listened to both the First Contact and Insurrection there a few years back. Obviously it’s not guaranteed for anything to show up there and it won’t be everything. But it’s where I have seen a ton of extras there over the years.

But it will be nice to own it directly.

If you haven’t, please sign the petition to save Prodigy.

One thing I am curious about and since I am an international Trekkie that doesn’t really know how stuff work in American companies or media but isn’t there a way the producers of the show could release the second season of the show directly on DVD or Blu-Ray? Do they have to find a distributor? Can’t they distribute it themselves?

They can release the show on home media themselves. But home media isn’t the market it used to be so just releasing Prodigy on disk probably wouldn’t earn enough to cover the show’s cost. If I remember correctly, disk sales didn’t even cover the costs of the TNG remaster, and TNG was a much more popular show and this was years ago when disk when people had fewer streaming options available.
Finding a distributor (either another streaming service or old-school TV) would bring in more money for the studio and is probably the only (small) chance the show might actually continue.

Let’s hope they decide to release both volumes 1 and 2 in the UK – still absolutely nothing here. Can’t even get Lower Decks on Paramount Plus here. I will always try buy physical media ahead of streaming – once you’ve got it, no-one’s taking it away from you.

I suspect that one of the reasons that the Prodigy DVD/Blu sales might have been lower than anticipated was because a lot of fans are aware that when there are these half-season releases, when the second half comes out, there’s an inevitable “complete” version also made available, so have sat out the first edition.

also – two blu ray discs for 10 episodes with no special features seemed like a money grab

There are 75 minutes of exclusive special features and interviews on the Prodigy Volume 1 BluRay. Not sure what you are talking about.

Very leery to purchase a season of something I haven’t seen yet. I’ll wait.

sadly, seems like purchasing it will be the only way to see it

This is the only way to see it now, and definitely worth it. The show was recently nominated for an Emmy for “Outstanding Animated Series” and most people say the second half of the season is some of the best Star Trek ever.

I can understand that, but it’s really not that different from buying a new novel or record upon its release, before one’s read it or heard it. I know I for one would both own and have read far fewer books in my life if I only ever purchased ones I’d already read and knew I would like.

Prodigy of course has the advantage of being part of this huge franchise we’re all fans of, so it might be “safer” for you than some other blind purchase of a movie or show. But if you’re still leery, you could try seeing whether it’s possible to borrow the DVD or Blu-ray from your local library, and if so check the show out that way, and then buy your own copy if you like it.

Clicking this article’s link to TrekMovie’s review of the Season 1, Volume 1 disc release from back in February and checking that out again, I came across this gem:

Final thoughts

As usual, we recommend getting Trek shows on disc for completists or anyone who wants an offline copy of the show; this includes those who cannot or do not want to stream the show and folks who have concerns about the fleeting rights to streaming media.

(emphasis added)

Well… wow. Pretty prescient, TrekMovie. In that longago era of early 2023, who’d ever thought Paramount+ would just remove an entire original Trek series? But you folks at least saw the possibility…

I was going to wait for a box set of S1/2. I’m assuming that might happen one day. But, I pre-ordered it to support Prodigy and the people who worked on the series. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for good news….

Ordered, with the hopes that it has good bonus features like the first volume did.

I previously have only bought Star Trek media when there’s a complete boxed set of the series. I broke this rule for SNW, and just ordered all of PRO. Because of how Paramount is treating this, I’ll probably go buy all of the seasons of LDS that’s out. I’m still debating about DSC because the final season is soon, and the full boxeed set is in the foreseeable future. I’m just hoping nothing resulted in there not being a full boxed set.