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TrekMovie.com was launched July 15th 2006 (as The Trek XI Report), the same day it was announced that JJ Abrams had finalized a 5-year deal with Paramount Pictures including a new Star Trek film as his first project. Since then, news of Trek’s return to the worlds of television, comics, and video games made it clear that the Trek franchise is ‘coming back’. The site’s vision is to bring the latest and most accurate news and information about Star Trek to the fans.

TrekMovie.com has established a reputation for scooping the big Trek news, and is regularly cited as a source by sites like Aint It Cool News, Slashdot, Fark, Cinematical, TV Squad, SciFiWire, Dark Horizons, Yahoo Movies, on the cable network G4TV, local TV stations and in the The Wall Street Journal. TrekMovie.com has grown by bringing on a diverse range of editors and contributors, all of whom are respected experts covering different areas of the Star Trek franchise. TrekMovie is one of the most trafficked Star Trek news sites and continues to grow.

About The Shuttle Pod Podcast

Once upon a time, two crewmembers aboard the USS TrekMovie wondered… they wondered whether or not people on the internet would be interested in hearing their thoughts and commentary about Star Trek. And, so, in 2015, Brian and Jared launched the Shuttle Pod, an offshoot journey of the USS TrekMovie to explore strange new episodes of Trek, dive deep into the history of the franchise, and generally just talk Trek fan to fan.

The inaugural episode covered a subject near and dear to their hearts: Star Trek: The Motion Picture From there, and with the addition of crewmembers Kayla and later Matt and John, the Shuttle Pod warped its way through dozens of episodes covering everything from deep dives into episodes, exploring the weirdest corners of the Trek franchise, news, conventions, games, science, and more, garnering loyal listeners along the way. Our Shuttle Pod gallantly navigates a galaxy of wonders (and sometimes of space garbage), and, along with the rest of the Star Trek podcast community, charts a course that any Trek fan can enjoy.

So, we invite you to come along with us! She may be a small ship, she’s only a Shuttle Pod after all, but she is sturdy, dependable, and a whole lot of fun.

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About The All Access Star Trek Podcast

The Shuttle Pod has been a staple of TrekMovie.com for a long time, and now we’ve added a new podcast to the roster: All Access Star Trek, hosted by TrekMovie founder Anthony Pascale and managing editor Laurie Ulster.

The All Access podcast focuses entirely on the new shows in the Star Trek Universe—essentially, any new Trek on TV starting with Star Trek: Discovery and including Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy, Strange New Worlds, and any other shows and Short Treks that get added to the roster. We plan to include exclusive interviews with the folks working directly on the shows as well as our own TrekMovie experts and Shuttle Pod podcasters.

Every Friday, All Access Star Trek covers the latest Star Trek Universe news, and when there are new episodes of shows to review, we review them. Our first reviews began with the series premiere of Lower Decks on August 6, 2020 and then carried on into the season 3 premiere of Discovery on October 15, 2020. In between seasons of new shows, All Access Star Trek covers the latest news, along with analysis, interviews, and more from the Star Trek Universe.

Check out our listing of all All Access Star Trek episodes.

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If you are interested in having your product previewed or reviewed, or are interested in advertising or other business inquiries, please send an email to Anthony Pascale: tony [AT] trekmovie [DOT] com.